My mom printed out an article on Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program for me to read.  Flipping through it, I realized that she printed 12 pages of the article and 20+ pages of all of the comments.  When I asked her why she printed the comments, she said it was because someone in the comments may be in the same situation as I am and their comments could help me. 

It’s a nice sentiment, but it makes me wonder if she has ever read comments on the internet before.  Because I can tell you before I read them that maybe 5% will be helpful to me and the rest will be comprised mostly of “socialist terrorist,” “Barack HUSSEIN Obama,” “libtards,” “liberal scum,” etc etc.

It’s almost September.

Almost time for Edith Crawley to return to my television screen.

Tonight is my five year high school reunion, and I’m only going because my friends want me to.  Five years is not long enough for me to care about what these people are doing with their lives.  Probably going to have a beer or two, then dip out asap.


*aggressively ships Korrasami*

Went to visit boyfriend at work and he bought me comics  (✿◠‿◠)

Now off to my job interview!!!


yeah i admit i’m not exactly a practicing bisexual anymore…i pretty much only go to services on the high holidays…i slept in on freddie mercury’s birthday…i don’t even think i can name three david bowie albums anymore

Kinda sorta got another job interview after canceling/blowing off the one I was supposed to have yesterday with the super shady company.

Let’s hope I actually get hired sometime soon so the job search doesn’t leave me crying on the floor in the fetal position, because I’m starting to feel like that’s where it’s headed.

So I’m reading online about this company I have an interview with tomorrow.  They have had 51 complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau in the past 3 years, and a similarly bad reputation on similar websites.  Seems pretty shady to me.

County fair this weekend, job interview tomorrow, and buying half price Wonder Woman comics today.

Also, I’m on twitter now if you want to follow me over there or something idk.